After The Story, It Dies.

Merin ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She ran for help because Topha could die, would die if help didn’t come fast. As she ran down the empty streets of Ahaz, heart pounding in her chest, hot tears streamed down her face. I never should have brought Topha out, she thought. Now because of her, Topha was close to death. Those vicious men, they would show poor Topha no mercy as they violently rape and eventually kill her to prevent her from reporting them to the authorities. That was the norm. They were seven. Seven! Even Merin had not been gang raped by up to seven men before. And Topha was a virgin. Oh, what had she done?

The lights flickered outside the police station as Merin ran inside. Two young police men sat behind a counter.
“Please, help! Help! My friend, she’s being raped. You have to help now. Please,” Merin said while panting for breath.
Both men stared at Merin for a few seconds, eyes trailing her from head to toe, before they burst out laughing. “A prostitute eh? Why are you complaining?” One of the policemen spat.
Merin was dressed in a very short black, leather skirt with a tight cropped yellow cotton blouse. Her large breasts created a huge cleavage visible from the low cut neck of the cotton blouse. Obviously, she looked like a prostitute, but that didn’t deter her. “Please…this friend, she’s not a prostitute.” Merin pleaded, “She’s a virgin. They are seven men. They will kill her if you don’t come now!”
The second man sat up in his high stool, “So, what are you gonna give us in return for saving your friend hmm?” His eyes did not leave her breasts “I like what you’re selling very much.” Both men burst out laughing again.
Merin could not believe her ears. Her friend was going to die, and these useless men did not even seem to care. Trying hard not to sob, she stormed out of the station and kept running, hoping she would find someone kind enough to help. But it was 2 am, and in notorious Ahaz it would be a miracle to find anyone out at this time who wasn’t a prostitute or a criminal. Everyone was concerned for their safety in this part of town, and rightly so since it was the most notorious crime center in the country.
After running for what seemed like an hour and seeing no one, she already knew the worst had happened. Dejectedly, she walked back to where she had left Topha and run for help. Sure enough her friend was lying on the cold floor, dead. Thick blood pooled around her vagina where the men had inserted parts of a broken beer bottle into it. Her eyes were open and the expression on her face was horrific. Merin knew she had suffered a painful death. Not able to hold it in anymore, she turned away from the lifeless body and vomited, then let out a shrill scream.

Later in the day, Topha’s body would be discovered and the police would be called in to investigate; the same police that did nothing to save her when it mattered. The news would be everywhere–CNN may carry it–and there would be an outcry against violence against women. It would generate a buzz the world over but would die down eventually as life goes on. The investigation would be closed because there would be no leads and the matter would die a slow, painful death, just like Topha did.
The world would never know that Topha was a good girl who was only helping a prostitute friend when the tragedy struck. No one would know what a brave thing Topha tried to do for Merin the night she was viciously raped and murdered; that Topha was trying to get Merin out of the prostitution business. To do that, she was willing to pay Merin’s boss part of the money required to secure her freedom while promising to pay the rest before the end of the year. However, on the way to meet the boss, these seven men appeared. They didn’t even look at Merin twice. They had obviously had many prostitutes before. They were intrigued by the decently dressed girl walking about at such a late hour. They immediately hungered for something new, something different from the willing prostitutes they were used to.
Sensing what was about to happen, Topha was brave. Telling Merin to run immediately for help and save herself, she tried to put up a fight with the men. One was already unzipping his pants as Merin ran for help. She didn’t get to see their faces before she took off.
The world would not know the details, but these things would haunt Merin for the rest of her life. A good girl had died for her. A true friend was gone.

2 thoughts on “After The Story, It Dies.

  1. It hurts to know that the people who are meant to protect you are the once you should hide from. Can’t put all the blame on the rapist though, the police men created an enabling environment for it to happen. Maureen this is really good.

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