*A Tale of Two Men

*Warning: This story contains explicit sexual content. 

He kissed her. It was slow and very passionate, it was heaven. In a few short seconds she was transported to a world she never knew existed. That a kiss would make her react this way was strange considering the fact that she had kissed a number of boyfriends in the past, including her current one. This was different though. She did not want it to stop.

As his lips slowly drew away from hers, Kayode breathed deeply and whispered “I could kiss you all day Bunmi. You are beautiful.”

Bunmi smiled. That was the thing about Kayode that got her weak in the knees all the time. He knew the right words to say every time. She bit her lower lip, “Then don’t stop.”

He grabbed her by the waist and his lips crushed hers in a deep kiss. She swooned and her hands found the back of his neck. Soon hands were everywhere. His all over her body, hers all over his. Clothes came off and they found their way to his bedroom, all with lips locked. Bunmi couldn’t believe what was happening when he suddenly lifted her in his arms like she weighed less than a pillow, and laid her gently on the bed. He started with her feet, kissing, nibbling, licking and worked his way up to her calves, her thighs, she moaned when he reached between her thighs. His voice was coarse with desire as he murmured, “That’s what I want to hear sweetheart.”

It was over two hours before exhausted, they both lay on the bed; she was curled up next to him, his arms were around her, tracing delicate lines on her back.

“Tell me again why you won’t date me Bunmi.” He whispered into her hair, which was tangled and wild.

“I have a boyfriend.”

“Then why are you with me?”


“I know you don’t like him, not as much as you like me. I know he does not make you feel the way I make you feel. Why are you punishing yourself princessa?”

Bunmi closed her eyes and savored the sound of his voice. She loved how he used every opportunity to call her sweet names. She loved the sound of his voice as he called her princessa. It was full of longing; she could feel everything he felt with the way he said that one word. “I…I don’t know. Maybe you are too good to be true?”

He chuckled. “Ah, mi reina, you don’t believe you deserve good?” His fingers trailed the edges of her left breast, just under her armpit.

She took in a shaky breath, “It’s not that, it’s…I’m scared that you attract many women and if I end up with you I will be heart broken. That’s what I mean by you being too good to be true.”

He chuckled again and began kissing her softly on her neck. She held him close. “You don’t know what you do to me reina. You don’t know how I’d give anything to have you, to love you, to call you mine. Women? None of them hold my attention like you do. I’ve thought of having your boyfriend killed you know?”

Startled, she sat up and stared at him. “You’re kidding right?” She said with a wry smile.

“No.” He started to pull her back to lay next to him.

She resisted, “You would never do something like that.” Her tone turned serious.

He chuckled again “I said I’ve thought about it, not that I will do it or that I can do it.”

Their eyes locked. He had the most beautiful eyes, hazel eyes that gave away his emotions all too often. She could see them turn dark depending on what he was feeling: rage, anger, sadness, desire, and she liked the way they danced when he was amused and had that cocky smile on his face like he had now. She smiled, “You know how to scare a girl.”

“I love it when you suddenly turn serious. It is such a turn on, you have no idea.” They both laughed and before long their lips locked again in a passionate kiss.

Bunmi stared unseeing at her desktop screen. She slowly replayed in her head, the events of the weekend she spent on Kayode’s bed, in Kayode’s arms. Why didn’t she just let Gafar go? Because he has done nothing wrong. Because he is a good guy. Because he loves her….in his own way. Gafar is not–probably will never be–as romantic as Kayode. Gafar is the pragmatic one. He hardly calls her sweet names. The only time he does is when he’s about to ejaculate. She shook her head at that thought. He refuses to send her gifts unless there is an occasion. He has announced that he wants to marry her next year. Is she really punishing herself like Kayode said?

Susan walked past Bunmi’s cubicle, stopped and walked back. “Bunmi?”

Bunmi jumped, like she was startled out of a trance.

“Is everything OK?” Suzan asked. “You seem to be staring at your desktop like a zombie.”

Bunmi shook her head and smiled. “I’m fine Suz. My mind isn’t here.”

Susan walked in and took the only empty seat in the cubicle that was Bunmi’s office space. “Spit it out.”

“Bunmi laughed. You like gist Suz. I think I’m getting married next year.”

Susan raised her hands up and mouthed a silent ‘yay’ in mock celebration “It’s good news Bunmi. So, why do you look like someone died?”

Bunmi shook her head.

“He had better make a proper proposal o! Complete with roses and champagne and him going down on one knee.” Susan joked.

“I don’t know…Gafar isn’t that kind of guy. We simply talked about marriage and he said he is putting plans in place to make it next year. I guess that’s as good a proposal as I’ll get from him.”

Susan snorted. “Still, you should be happy. People like us are still searching for the right guy. Why the gloomy look?”

“I don’t know if he’s the right guy. I don’t know if I’ll marry him and eventually wish I didn’t because I will be unsatisfied the rest of my life.”

“What do you mean by unsatisfied? Gafar is OK financially, isn’t he?” Susan looked puzzled.

“It’s not that, Suz. He is financially stable. It’s my love needs I’m concerned about. I love romance. I love a guy who treats me as precious and delicate, who calls me by many pet names, who never fails to let me know that I am the single most important person in his life, who spoils me, and whose desire is to please me always, even…even in bed. You know Suz, a guy who puts my desires before his, who makes sure I reach orgasm before he does. Gafar isn’t like that. He isn’t romantic.”

There was silence for what seemed like a minute before Susan spoke, “Bunmi, you sound like you have met such a guy. Have you?”

Just then, Andrew, the office assistant walked in with a nicely wrapped package. “This is for you Miss Bunmi. One DHL man just delivered it.”

“Thank you Andrew. Drop it on the table.”

Andrew dropped the package and walked away. Susan looked at it with wide eyes. “Wow, Bunmi…look at this wrapping…it’s beautiful. Is it from Gafar?”

Without even touching the package or looking at the attached envelope to see who had sent it, she knew who had not sent it. “No.” She answered. “It’s not.”

“It’s from him, isn’t it? From the romantic guy? The guy who isn’t Gafar?”

Bunmi nodded. “Gafar would never do this.”

Susan sighed. “I love you Bunmi, you’re my best friend and gossip-mate, but I know when you need alone time and since you’ve never told me about this new guy, I guess you need to sort through this. I’m always available if you need to talk.” She got up from the chair. “I’m going to my office. Let’s do dinner together sometime, OK?”

Bunmi nodded. Susan walked out. Bunmi carefully opened the envelope to reveal a small card. It was cream colored with a love symbol in the middle made with delicate red lace. She opened it and saw the familiar handwriting with the words, “Just because it’s Tuesday mi teroso.” A smile stole across her lips as she unwrapped the gift. It was a custom bracelet that gleamed as she removed it from the box. It was made with diamonds set in pavé. It was simple, minimalist, but very expensive from the looks of it. She fell in love with it. Kayode knew her too well. He knew what she liked. She giggled. She would go to dinner with Susan and get advice. There was still time to break up with Gafar if necessary. After putting on the bracelet, she took a picture of it with her camera-phone and sent it to Kayode with the words, “Thanks, you make me feel so special.” Her phone beeped two minutes later. It was Kayode’s reply, “I don’t make you anything hon. You are everything and more.”

Tale of Two Men

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

I understand that being torn between two men (or sometimes more) is a problem some women face and the aim of this short story is to bring to the fore a topic that is mostly avoided but very real. How do you guys think this story will end? This is one of the open-ended stories where I allow the reader decide how he/she wants it to end. So, feel free to leave your thoughts below! You just might be helping someone make the right decision.

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